Blanco Tackabery Sponsors the Opening of Booker Park South Neighborhood Brunch

Blanco Tackabery was pleased to have sponsored the opening of Booker Park South in Raleigh with a “Booker Park South Neighborhood Brunch” for residents of both Booker Park North and South, along with NeighborWorks Week. This brunch allowed residents an opportunity to get to know their neighbors, property management team, Resources for Seniors’ staff and other members of the community.

DHIC is a non-profit 501[c][3] organization dedicated to the development of high-quality housing communities in the Triangle region of North Carolina. DHIC provides homebuyer support and develops rental communities for families and individuals with limited incomes. Since 1974, DHIC has built or renovated more than 2,700+ rental apartment homes that remain remarkably affordable for seniors, families and individuals. It has also built more than 400 residential homes for sale, while serving thousands of individuals and families with housing support services. As the law firm representing DHIC, Blanco Tackabery played a crucial role in the development of Booker Park South in providing the new residents with a high quality, safe, affordable place to live.