Melissa McKinney Interviewed On Taking the Bar Exam During a Pandemic

Melissa L. McKinney

In an effort to shine the light on an impressive “league” of new lawyers, The NC Bar Association has recently published an interview series detailing the requirements and restrictions exam takers faced.

The series gave six law school graduates a unique opportunity to share their experiences.

Jessica Junqueira, the NCBA Communications Manager, explains:

In a series of interviews, we talk with six recent law school graduates who became licensed North Carolina attorneys in 2020. As they navigated the unchartered territory of a major exam during a public health crisis, they faced thoughts of the unknown and days filled with questions. What would the exam be like? Would they be able to focus while wearing a mask, and was there a risk that they might contract COVID-19? Would the exam even take place at all?

Blanco Tackabery is proud to announce that our newest Trusts and Estates attorney, Melissa McKinney, was asked to share her own story as part of the interview series.

The article containing all six interviews can be viewed here: