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Across America, clean and readily abundant forms of energy are powering more than homes and businesses. Taken together, our capacity for secure and reliable energy generation is driving a clean energy renaissance that is creating jobs, strengthening America’s national security, and preserving our environment.

National Clean Energy Week was conceived with the goal of advancing support of our nation’s energy sector through new methods of market development, policy change and technological innovation. Blanco Tackabery is proud to be a key participant in this industry. Blanco Tackabery provides Renewable Energy developers with legal services related to acquisition, development, financing and disposition of utility solar projects. Blanco Tackabery and its clients have played a key role in helping make North Carolina the second largest state in the country for solar energy. Daniel Vandergriff, a Renewable Energy attorney at Blanco Tackabery, stated that “not only is our firm strong in North Carolina but we represent clients throughout the U.S. on renewable energy matters, including 7 of the top 10 states.”

Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
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