Blanco Tackabery Participates in Project Birthday

“Project Birthday,” writes Judge Carrie Vickery, who is President of the Forsyth County Bar Association, “provides a birthday gift and a birthday cake to each child in foster care in Forsyth County. Law firms, solo practitioners and judges volunteer to split the months of each year and take responsibility for purchasing a small gift for each child with a birthday that month.”

The estate planning group of Blanco Tackabery is pleased to participate in Project Birthday for the month of February, 2022. The initiative was started by Lily Alexander, of the EACH Foundation, and the Forsyth County Women Attorney’s Association in 2014, and is a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of children who are currently living in what Vickery righty calls a “stressful and out of the ordinary situation.”

Click below to learn more about Project Birthday and its community partners. 

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